Have you ever been so caught up in a situation or problem where you wished you could just step away from the whole thing and look at it through the eyes of someone older and wiser than yourself.

Talking to family and friends quite often doesn’t provide any new perspective, as they are too close to you to be able to view things objectively. Maybe it’s an issue you really don’t want to talk to them about anyway and would prefer to talk anonymously with someone that doesn’t know you. Where do you turn for wise counsel?

Introducing Wiser.ie

Wiser.ie is a network of wise Irish Elders who will take your questions (via email) on life, love, career, parenting & ageing with the aim of giving you the benefit of their years of experience.

Wiser.ie believes that Ireland’s older generation has huge wisdom and insight to share with us, collectively & individually.  They are one of our greatest assets. They have lived through tougher times than today – much tougher.

In today’s culture,the word “Elder” can have negative connotations of primative tribal cultures. Other times, the word is associated with the word “eldery” which conjures up images of a frail person.  Wiser.ie reclaims the word elder to mean “experienced and wise”. Wiser.ie believes a community that recognises & values the contribution of our older citizens, our elders,  is a community that will thrive, prosper & ultimately be a better one for having listened to what they have to say.

The life experience and wisdom of our elders is something to be cherished and nurtured so that it may serve as a road map to the future. A future built on the shoulders of the giants who built this great country and to whom we owe a debt of gratitude.


Do you know a wise elder?

Wiser.ie is looking for men and women in any part of Ireland over the age of 60 who would like to take on the challenge of becoming the Wise Elders of this website. If you are a person (or know of one) that others constantly seek out for advice please get in touch. The Wise Elders will be writing to those who send questions to this website via email.

Apply Here.

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